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Designfloor Constructions was founded to help people build their dream homes and make cherishable memories. Designfloor Constructions offers services tailored to every aspect of a construction project. Formerly known as Gopal Contractors, which was founded in 1980 by Late Gopal NS, Designfloor strive to make your dream house a reality

Designfloor offers the ideal combination of experience and innovation that not only fulfills your aspirations but also makes your home or your office, really stand out.

100s of customers have taken advantage of our expertise and got their dreams come true,with numerous projects in Bangalore, Designfloor is ready to serve to customer needs

1. What is the Complete Process of House Construction?

House Construction can be a Really challenging if you are not aware of the complete process,

firstly there is a Design & Plan Approval Process from the concerning BBMP or Govt authorities,

then the approved plan would be Implemented by the team of Qualified Civil Engineers,

Structural engineers & Contractors to fulfil the approved plan to get the desired outcome of a built & Complete house.

2. What are the Construction Costs for a house construction in Bangalore?

The cost of a house construction would be a deciding factor for any site owner to start the construction

keeping in mind the prevailing rates with respect to fulfilling his dream home being constructed.

There are Broadly three types of costs Involved:

1. Design & Planning Cost (House design plans,Approvals from Bwssb,BBMP,KPTCL)

2. Material Costs (Eg:Bricks,Iron,Steel,Sand,Stones,Plumbing,Carpentry,Electrical)

3. Construction Cost

3. What are the Formalities, Approvals required from BBMP,BWSSB, KPTCL

There is a requirement to get the approvals from various Government departments

like BWSSB,BBMP,KPTCL for getting the plan sanction from BBMP,

to get the electricity connection from KPTCL and to get a cauvery water Supply from BWSSB,

Design floor Engineer will help you get all these at once so that the running around for our customers at each department is avoided

4. What are the site or plot sizes

Ideal Plot Sizes for house construction would be 20*30 30*40 , 40*60. 50*80

In this you can construct the following Square feet of built up area

20*30= 600 Sqft
30*40= 1200 Sqft
40*60= 2400 Sqft
50*80= 4000 Sqft


Soil testing is an Important activity that needs to be performed before the start of the construction or laying the foundation,

the soil testing would be carried out by the structural engineer and team and there would be an excavation that

has to be carried out and a where solid square would be noted from a certain position from the ground as per the dimensions prevailing,

thereby calculating the resistance,averagedept and weight square to decide the construction activities.

Type of Soil
Soft rock
Coarse sand
Medium sand
Fine sand
Soft-shell / Stiff clay
Soft clay
Very soft clay
Safety factor / Bearing Capacity (kg/cm2)

Overall the entire construction planning, and execution need to be monitored in a very careful way

hence please contact us to know more on the factors that you would need to consider before construction.

Design floor has also tied up with reputed Banks for easy Construction home loans for pocket friendly constructions,

some of the banks who are supporting are:


Axis Bank

Canara Bank

SBI Bank

Our Construction Packages


Floor Design Completed

Floor Design Completed

Floor Design Completed

Floor Design Completed

Floor Design Completed

Floor Design Completed


Constructing a building is a long term work and the benefits to be reaped are a long term affair as well. The critical part of the construction is further sub-divided into multiple categories like planning, designing, obtaining the needed permits and licenses, clearing the land for construction, conducting demolition wherever necessary, employing the best architectural minds and engineers along with construction workers and maintaining all the safety regulations while the construction going on. Building contractors also guarantee the safety of the building while it is in use. So, if you are looking for building contractors in Bangalore with the best work guarantee then have a look below at the benefits we have on offer for you.

• We have been in business as building contractors for a long period and our name is quite well-known for our excellent quality of services that we offer in Bangalore as building contractors. Being one of the oldest contractors we have connections with well-known and established suppliers of building materials as well.

• We also have a team of dedicated architects and landscape designers to make a complete survey of the land and to ensure that the building construction planning is done according to the survey conducted by our experts. All our professionals are qualified and experienced in taking land measurements, doing soil tests, ensuring that the land is leveled properly, and enclosing the land according to the measurements taken.

• Landscape designers in our team design the landscape along with the architects and both the designs are done simultaneously so that the deigned outdoor landscape blends in with the construction plans.

• Our legal teams are meanwhile, engaged in obtaining all the necessary legal permissions and fulfilling the legalities while making sure a transparent contract is made available for you as our client for the contract signing purposes. You can check the terms and conditions and negotiate as per your needs.

• All our building material and raw material suppliers along with advanced construction equipment suppliers are known for supplying the topmost%2