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Bangalore is a flourishing city and buildings are being built in and around the city, even on the outskirts to meet the rising need for accommodation and office spaces. Catering to the needs of being an IT hub and a hotspot employment sector, and one of the megacities of the country, Bangalore has a lot of expectations when comes to getting civil contractors for buildings and construction business. So, if you are looking for civil contractors in Bangalore then here we are at your service. Have a look below to get to know us better and to avail of all the extra benefits with us servicing as your civil contractor.

• We have been known as the best contractors in the region since the 1980s. Earlier we were known as Gopal Contractor’s and later on after a name change we are now known as Design Floor. Other than the name change nothing else has changed. Our service quality remains the same and as excellent as before. We have had the opportunity to build several buildings in the city and some of the oldest known office and apartment buildings are works of our civil contractors.

• As civil contractors, we understand you need to employ on the best to get your construction work done on time with the best quality materials. Construction of a building also requires to ensure that safety and the sturdiness of the building remain on-hazardous even after long term use. As contractors, we also ensure the safety of our construction workers while making sure that our construction upholds the strength to stand the wear and tear of extreme use and harsh weather conditions.

• We are available for taking on all kinds of civil construction works such as bridges, dams, apartments, houses, residential complexes, commercial spaces, and so on. We have a qualified team of engineers who are not only experienced in the field but are also extremely talented. You can check out the details of our teams online or you can contact us for the details.

• When you hire us as your civil contractor we take-up the complete development of the given area and employ the best minds and hands in the industry for your construction work. Starting from obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses our legal teams also ensure to get the contract for your supply of building materials from the best suppliers.

• We also have excellent construction workers in our team to craft the building the way you want. As civil contractors, we follow all the required and necessary safety protocols for all our employees and our clients as well. All the members of our teams are experienced and qualified professionals.

• You can negotiate the service charges depending on the project and the construction at hand. Our prices are all very affordable compared to the current market rate and for customized projects, we tailor the charges accordingly in a pocket-friendly way.

• For all the construction work, we take on as civil contractors we also provide timely maintenance completely free of charge for a given time frame. If you require maintenance service for a longer period you can easily add the service at a nominal cost.

For more perks and best hassle-free contracts, contact our civil contractors in Bangalore office today.


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